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Introducing our Moroccan Riyad-Inspired Semi-Sheer Duster – a celebration of the opulent indoor gardens found in the heart of Moroccan homes, where hundreds of blooming colorful flowers adorn the rich architecture. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these affluent Riyads with a wearable masterpiece that captures the essence of Morocco's cultural richness. This semi-sheer duster showcases a vibrant and enchanting print, mirroring the lush and elaborate gardens of Moroccan Riyads. The intricate pattern features hundreds of blooming flowers, creating a visual symphony that celebrates the opulence and natural beauty found within these upscale homes and palaces. Wearing this duster is like adorning yourself with a beautiful bouquet, as the lively floral details evoke the charm and elegance of Moroccan indoor gardens. The colors burst forth in a vibrant array, offering a stunning palette that adds a touch of natural allure to your ensemble. Let the blooming flowers tell a story of opulence and beauty as you make your statement. Let the blossoming flowers transport you to a world of sophistication and natural splendor. Ode to the enchanting gardens of Morocco!


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    • Semi-Sheer printed Chiffon Fabric
    • Machine Wash Gentle
    • Hang to Dry
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